Using the CLS FTP Site


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The site opens to display two panes. The pane on the left shows the user's directory. The pane on the right shows the FTP site directory. The site contains three parent folders: Bin, Pub, and Incoming.

Use the Incoming folder to upload (transfer) any file to CLS. Security precautions prevent Tech Support from receiving email attachments.  Because of this restriction, the FTP site's Incoming folder is the repository for any file that your firm needs to send to CLS.


Use the Pub folder to locate and download (transfer) any required templates, administrative, or support documents.

Use the Bin folder to locate and download (transfer) any required applications or ZIP files.

Transfer desired files and/or applications by selecting them from the right or left pane (depending on the location of the source).

Click the Left arrow to download selected items from the Right pane.


Click the Right arrow to upload selected items from the left pane.

NOTE: Always upload your files to the Incoming folder.


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