Commercial Legal Software, Inc.

a wholly owned subsidiary of Vertican Technologies


Our Mission

To continuously enhance the efficiency of legal collections and ethical recoveries

Experience the future of collections, today! Founded in 1978, Commercial Legal Software, now a part of Vertican Technologies, has been faithfully serving debt collection attorneys and agencies across the United States for over 37 years.

Vertican Technologies is the maker of Collection-Master®, the most advanced and mature specialty software for debt collection, foreclosure, and subrogation. Collection-Master provides automation and efficiency to increase the productivity of collection offices. We have built an excellent reputation based on our innovative legal collection software; customizable, private and public interfaces; customer support and straightforward business philosophy.

We also support and develop vMedia™, an affordably priced solution for any business that needs to maintain and store paper documents. This powerful software program converts paper documents into electronic images, maintains an index file of the documents, and once requested, quickly retrieves the document for viewing, printing and/or emailing. The vMedia program is capable of scanning and storing vast numbers of documents quickly and efficiently, thus increasing office productivity, reducing the need for physical storage, and saving time and money.


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