Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is a simple concept - sending information from one network to a dissimilar network. Common EDI actions are that of receiving or forwarding claims. Advanced EDI interfaces allow offices to transfer Paperless File activity as well as financial information.


Vertican Technologies ("VT") has implemented more than 350 EDI standards and continues to add more. Many standards are used nationally; others are used locally. These standards were created for individual clients.

Since a standard is exactly that, its implementation might require some adaptation to work for a particular firm. Additional enhancements to a standard are possible; however, minor modifications to an existing standard may result in an entirely new standard, so as not to alter the features used by firms that are satisfied with the existing standard.



EDI Standard Certification

EDI standards may have been enhanced or modified since implementation. The easiest way to test a standard is for an office to send and receive sample files. This verifies that the standard is performing as the client requires.


A user may opt to have VT test and certify the EDI standard. This includes reviewing every documented field and function provided by the user's clients and ensures that the interface includes it. At the end of the certification process, VT provides a detailed report on the functions that are not fully compatible with the current implementation.

Full EDI certification guarantees that VT has implemented the stated features according to the provided documentation. Any new modifications are considered custom programming. Due to the nature of EDI implementations, the certification process can be a substantial effort.

Collection-Master's Public EDI Standards include, but are not limited to:

Accurint CSV Import
ACSWITCH-Partner Net Version 3
American Express
ARMS (Accts Receivable Management Services)

Asta Funding
Atlas 3.3 OSI [RecoverMaster]
Bank 1 Standard
Bank of America - MBNA
Bank One
BFrame- Consumer Servicer Format
BFrame- Outside Servicer Formats

Capital One


Commercial Law League of America
Discover Interface
Dun & Bradstreet- EDI Standard
DZNET-Dozier Network

DBF/TXT Claims
eRecoverEase Legal Interface

Experian Import

FACS Ontario (RevGro)

Fleet Bank

Ford Motor Credit

General EDI

General Electric
HSI Placements

I.C. Systems, Attorney Referral
JPMorgan Chase Litigation


May Department Stores
National Attorney Network

NARCA (National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys)


Net Director

Ontario Agency Extract
Recovery 1 [Chase]
Resurgent Capital Services


Sears - Legal Recovery System
Sprint/SCAMS (Menu)
Automated Collection Control (YouveGotClaims)

YGC v1.9 Proprietary Standard

Recovery Management Systems (RMS)

  • ACCA (American Association of Collection Attorneys)

  • AMEX

  • American Honda Finance Corp

  • BB&T

  • BOA


  • Citibank

  • Daimler/Chrysler USA

  • Ford

  • GE

  • Household Recovery Services Corporation

  • JPMorgan Chase

  • Macy's

  • SunTrust Bank

  • Target Financial Services

  • Toyota Financial Services

  • Zwicker & Associates






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