Our Philosophy at Commercial Legal Software

At Commercial Legal Software we feel that our software, Collection-Master, is the finest, most mature, feature-rich, and highly evolved system of its kind. We also feel that our philosophy of business is fair and straightforward, allowing the customer to control the relationship with our company. CLS - Here for the Long Term

The maturity of both our product and our company is something that sets Commercial Legal Software apart. Our software is always evolving based on the needs and desires of our customers, and for over 35 years we have provided a superior product to help them improve efficiency and productivity.

Our product is only part of our mission, however. We are dedicated to our customers, and show this through our service, support, and training. Our aim, in addition to providing a superior product, is to help people optimize this product. Through consulting, complimentary webinars, user meetings, and training programs, we make it possible for our customers to get the most out of Collection-Master.

We feel very strongly that the closer you look at a system and the company policies, the more comfortable you will feel with Collection-Master and Commercial Legal Software, Inc.

Mission Statement: To continuously enhance the efficiency of legal collections and ethical recoveries.


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